Beaucarnia recurvata "Ponytail Palm" established in the garden. This one has a "double head".
Beaucarnia recurvata "Ponytail Palm" in 50mm forestry tubestock.
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Beaucarnia recurvata "Ponytail Palm"

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A slow growing plant in the agave family (not really a palm) that has an unusual bulbous trunk and tufts of strappy foliage weeping down from the top of the plant. Often single trunked although they can be cut to form a multi trunked specimen, or sometimes they do this on their own. When they get old enough to flower, boy are they spectacular! Huge plumes of creamy white flowers full of nectar. The plants can be kept in pots and are low maintenance. Drought hardy. Best in a fairly sunny spot; if you're keeping it as an indoor plant make sure it has good light. Also great as a feature plant in the front garden.

Height: 5-9m (in the garden - eventually!)

Width: Up to 3m