A pink dragonfruit cut in half, showing the vibrant flesh and small black seeds.
Hylocereus undatus "Pink Dragonfruit" plant in 50mm forestry tubestock. It has a few light green "arms" which have small white prickles along the ridges.
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Hylocereus undatus "Pink Dragonfruit" or "Pitaya"

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A climbing cacti which grows aerial roots and will scramble up trees or wooden supports. The fruit is large and egg shaped, with a pink skin which looks somewhat like dragon scales (hence the name). The flesh is vibrant pink and delicious with lots of tiny seeds; I just cut the fruit in half and eat it with a spoon, best chilled. These are seedlings, which is a somewhat unconventional way of growing dragonfruit; usually it's via cutting. You should expect to be getting fruit within 3 years. The flowers are beautiful, large and perfumes, only lasting one night each.